10 Game of Thrones Characters That Are as Good as Dead

The first episode of Game of Thrones year 8 came and went with no key characters dying. There was still a little bloodshed, but it was inconsequential to the story.
I remember exiting the space for a moment on Sunday, retreating into the kitchen to grab some popcorn and water, per my wife’s request.
She asked me when I needed her to pause it, and I said,”Nah, what can possibly occur in 15 seconds?”
As I rounded the corner to the kitchen, she cried,”Someone died!” Of course.
Per her,”They did not matter.” She was not wrong, and then I managed to sit down and enjoy the remainder of the incident, it was clear no one would be meeting their bitter ending before incident two.
But that can’t possibly last for long. That can be Game of Thrones, after all, and only five episodes remain.
Now, I’m not demanding that each character dies — or even most of these — but that I also don’t know if I buy a lot of them lasting through a battle with The Night King and everything lies ahead with Queen Cersei.
The purpose here is no one left Westeros in a body bag in episode one, but that’s going to change in a hurry. And though the chance of corpses piling up in the Seven Kingdoms raises with each passing episode, incident one did put some groundwork for some potential deaths.
Whether foreshadowing or not, here are the characters I think are for sure dying before year 8 is finished.
Varys and Melisandre
This is old news, but hey, why don’t you begin with two individuals that the show has teased will likely die before the show is finished? Melisandre has already been promised by Sir Davos that he’d kill her if he ever saw her again, and I am certain others have reason to wish her ill will.
But she advised Varys she needed to return into Westeros to view things through. She also said she had to die there like him. Her ability to be prophetic obviously struck a chord with Varys at the moment, and possibly it’s just me, but he has seemed extra down since.
The clock is ticking on virtually everybody, but let’s face it — Varys is highly opinionated and has spoken against rulers in the past. He also has no true ability to defend himself, so that he puts himself in trouble, that’s that.
These are smaller personalities which may help facilitate the story. They could be spared, but there is reason enough to possess either/both killed off.
Theon and Euron Greyjoy

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